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Measure your door panels

Determine if your door has embossed panel designs or not.
Then measure the panel depth to determine which size product will suit your door.

OPTION 1 : 28mm panel
Embossed panel design
doors have a smaller depth for the product to sit, you will need to allow for it. This can be done by placing a ruler vertically against the protruding design and measure as shown in the photo (right); it should suit the 28mm product.

Embossed Garage Door Insulation
OPTION 2 : 35mm panel
Flat panel design
doors generally have a deeper depth, measure this from the back of the panel to the front of the profile. This should suit the 35mm product.
Flat Design Door Insulation

Remember: Double doors require 2 packs

Note: You must have a sectional garage door to install this product.
Warning: The added weight of the insulation may effect the spring tension in your door. This may require adjustment by a qualified service technician.
For your nearest service technician phone EXPOL on 0800 86 33 73
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